Industrial Metal Epoxy Paste used in the repair of a badly damaged drill stand

Metal Repair with Sylmasta Epoxy Compounds

For over 20 years, Sylmasta Epoxy Compounds have provided proven solutions to problems caused by fatigue, wear, abrasion, corrosion and chemical attack. They are used worldwide across industry to repair a diverse range of equipment and machinery.

The following guides have been produced to assist with some of the most common types of metal repair Sylmasta products are used for. Other repairs are possible by using these guides as a base and combining them with the user’s own ingenuity.

If you need help with an application not currently covered, please contact Sylmasta and a technician can advise. If you have made a successful repair with a Sylmasta product for an application not listed, please get in contact. Our technicians are always on the look-out for new methods and uses.

All the repairs listed below can be made using the Sylmasta Metal Repair Kit, introduced to give users a variety of different epoxy compounds and supporting products to cover a wide range of applications.

The Metal Repair Kit contains Superfast Steel Epoxy Putty, Industrial Metal 5 Minute Epoxy Paste, Titanium Supergrade HT Epoxy Paste, Degreaser, Release Agent and Fibreglass Tape in an easy-to-store, robust red case.

Sylmasta Metal Repair Application Guides

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Metal Repair Products

Industrial Metal Rapid 5 Minute Epoxy Paste

Fast working version of Industrial Metal with a 5-minute gel time for repairs requiring a quick turnaround. It rebuilds threads, protects and reinforces metalwork and fills small cracks and breaks in parts of metal, plastic and wood.

Work Time: 5 minutes
Functional Cure: 60 minutes
Max Service Temp: 95ºC

Titanium Supergrade HT Epoxy Paste

Alloy-filled epoxy paste with very high compressive strength and extreme temperature resistance. It is used for the repair and maintenance of systems operating in environments up to 250ºC and stress-bearing equipment including shafts, keyways and splines.

Work Time: 180 minutes
Functional Cure: 16 hours
Max Service Temp: 250ºC

Superfast Steel Epoxy Putty Stick

Steel-filled epoxy putty in an easy-to-use, pre-formatted 114g stick with WRAS approval for use with potable water. It achieves a functional cure in one-hour, enabling rapid surface damage restoration and the filling of cracks to be made to pipework and machinery.

Work Time: 3 minutes
Functional Cure: 1 hour
Max Service Temp: Up to 150ºC